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Complete Hot Tub Systems

Complete Hot Tub Systems - 

Quality, Longevity, Compatibility & Value!

That's what foes into every one of Roberts Hot Tubs Complete Systems. Our Complete system hot tubes are individually crafted from the finest Western Red Cedar, Alaskan Yellow Cedar and Teak wood available.

Our Complete hot tub system components are all long lasting, component compatible, top quality brands that represent good values and meet today's UL safety requirements.

Our Complete Systems Include All of the Following:

  • Round or Oval Western Red Cedar, Alaskan Yellow Cedar or Teak Hot Tub

  • Full Circle Bench (Round Tubs)

  • Two (2) Slab Benches (Oval Tubs)

  • 125k BTU Gas/Propane Heater (8 Heating Options)

  • Pentair Super Flo 2 Speed Pump

  • Pentair Clean & Clear 75 sq. ft. Filtration System

  • P15 Ionizer Sanitation System

  • 4 Adjustable Jets w/Individual Air Controls

  • Z-Wave Technology Controller w/Wireless Waterproof Hand-Held Transceiver

  • R-21 Deluxe Vinyl Tapered Insulating Cover

  • 2 Suction Drains

  • Complete Chemical Kit

  • Step by Step Hot Tub & System Assembly Instructions

  • PVC Installation Pipe, Fittings & Valves

  • Enough nuts, bolts and screws to install your hot tub and complete system the right way the first time.  We even toss-in a special rubber mallet to make assembling the tub that much easier.

Extensive Details & Pricing Tables - Just click below

Custom Hot Tub Systems

Build Your Own Custom Hot Tub System

The pros at Roberts Hot Tubs have been building quality tubs and custom systems for Hot Tub enthusiasts since 1976.  Tapping into their experience, knowledge and component expertise helps customers make smarter, better informed and more cost effective custom system decisions.

Roberts Hot Tub pros can assist you in every facet of building your own custom system.  Why worry about component compatibility, inferior parts or details falling through the cracks, when  we’re ready, willing and able to help you build a system that meets or exceeds your expectations!

For further information,  to schedule a free consultation or to order a Custom Hot Tub System, please call us at 1-808-241-1313 or email us at

You Won’t Be Disappointed!

Quality Wood Hot Tubs

The Industry Standard for Quality Wooden Hot Tubs

Roberts Hot Tubs has set the industry standard for quality wooden hot tubs since 1976. Our traditional round and oval tubs are individually crafted from the thickest and finest clear, heart, vertical grain Western Red Cedar, Alaskan Yellow Cedar, Port Orford Cedar and Teak wood.

We have a large selection of standard sizes, but we welcome custom orders and can build just about any size shape and size hot tub that you can think of.

Customers can purchase prepackaged complete hot tub systems, design their own custom system or purchase just the tub.

Teak Hot Tubs & Complete Systems

The #1 Choice for Those Who Demand the Very Best

The beauty, durability, strength and appearance of Burmese Teak, along with it’s natural  resistance to damage from water and chemicals, has made it the popular choice for everything from multi-million dollar yacht construction to high end furniture manufacturing.

Teaks beauty and extraordinary natural properties have not gone unnoticed by hot tub manufacturers or discriminating wood hot tub consumers.  Burmese Teak contains more natural oils than other woods and is one of the few woods that can be fully rejuvenated to its original color and beauty from a weathered condition.

It’s a very hard timber and requires more time and expertise to mill and shape properly, but teak hot tub owners will tell you that the teak’s richness and beautiful luster are well worth the extra time, effort and price.

Burmese Teak hot tubs are the #1 choice for those who want nothing but the very best.

Oval Hot Tubs

Great for Individuals, Couples & Small Spaces

Each Oval Hot Tub is individually crafted from the finest clear, all heart, vertical grain Western Red Cedar, Alaskan Yellow Cedar or Teak. They come in a variety of sizes, but the smaller oval tubs are the most popular and are great for individual or two-person soakers.

If you like the feel and style of traditional Japanese Ofuro Soaking tubs, our smaller oval soaking tubs make an excellent and less expensive alternative.

We offer our Oval Hot Tubs as individual stand-alone units or as Complete Hot Tub Systems that contain virtually everything you need to start enjoying your new hot tub experience. You supply the water and we supply everything else.

Western Red Cedar Hot Tubs

Individually Crafted from the Very Best Materials

Our traditional round hot tubs are each individually crafted from nothing but the finest clear, vertical grain Western Red Cedar heartwood available.

Quality workmanship, the finest materials, 1st class customer service and almost 40 years of providing customers with nothing but the very best hot tub experience possible makes Roberts Hot Tubs the smart choice for all your hot tub needs.

Alaskan Yellow Cedar Hot Tubs - Tub Only!

The Strongest Cedar in the World

True Alaskan Yellow Cedar has been recognized as a unique wood species by the American Lumber Standards Committee. Prized for its high strength, beautiful appearance and high natural decay resistance, Alaskan yellow cedar is classified as the strongest and most durable of all the cedars in the world.

The quality of this wood is unsurpassed and it’s totally clear with no knots, all heart wood from the center of the tree, is perfectly straight and tight grained.

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