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Custom Build Your Own Hot Tub System

Custom Build Your Own Hot Tub System

With thousands of hot tub components and hundreds of hot tub manufacturers to choose from,  building your own complete custom hot tub system from scratch could easily turn into a very frustrating, time consuming and less than pleasurable experience.

Roberts Hot Tubs has been building top quality wooden hot tubs and complete hot tub systems since 1976 and we can help make your complete hot tub system building experience as rewarding, trouble-free and worthwhile as possible.

With over 40 years of “hands-on” experience, our hot tub system professionals can help average homeowners integrate all of the components that go into a complete system. We also supply homeowners with complete and easy to understand detailed assembly and installation instructions.

Proper integration of components and manufacturers insures that your complete hot tub system will run smoothly, allow for maximum enjoyment and can be installed without any special tool and hot tub skills.

The order in which you choose your components is extremely important.

Based on our experience, choosing your hot tub system components in the order listed below is the fastest and most effective way to properly integrate an entire system.

Randomly choosing components, or choosing components out of order, will most likely cause you to try fitting a round peg in a square whole somewhere in the system building process and that doesn’t lead to the customer experience and expectations that Roberts Hot Tubs wants for all of its customers.


Building a custom system that meets your personal requirements and desires is easier than you think.  Thousands of hot tub customers have found success in building their own custom systems by using this simple, but extremely effective recipe:

Start the Process with the assistance of a knowledgeable Hot Tub Professional by your side.  This beats  the concept of wandering blindly every time.  The next step is to add your own personalized vision, requirements and your expectations to the recipe.  Success depends on your input and insight, so don’t be shy and go for the gusto.

To finish off the recipe, and guarantee success, just follow our easy step-by-step system building process listed below.  You’ll be enjoying your very own custom built hot tub system before you know it!  Good Luck and Happy Building!!

Step-by-Step System Building Process

Step 1 – Select the Type of Wood that You Want Your Tub Built With.

Step 2 – Select the Shape & Dimensions of Your Tub.

Step 3 – Select Your Hot Tub System Support Components & Equipment.  Support

components include pumps, filters, specific filtration/circulation systems, heaters, hydro-jets, installation plumbing kit and remote control systems etc…Choose components that meet your specific needs, are compatible with one another and are easy to integrate into one seamless system.

Step 4 – Select Your Custom Options, Accessories & Upgrades.  This step includes the type & style of hot tub benches, rim-decks, lighting and hot tub shelving.  These include the type & style of hot tub benches, insulating covers, cover lifts, shelving, steps, rim-decks, lighting and an extensive list of functional and fun accessories.

We carry a large selection of top brand name system components and accessories that meet the needs, desires and expectations of our customers. If we don’t have exactly what you’re looking for, please call us at 1-808-241-1313 or email us at  We’ll be happy to locate whatever it is you’re looking for and add it to  your custom built system.

We can also assist you in designing the perfect full functioning patio to go with your perfect tub. So do not be afraid to dream.

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