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Exotic Teak Hot Tubs

The beauty, durability, strength and appearance of Burmese Teak, along with it’s natural  resistance to damage from water and chemicals, has made it the popular choice for everything from multi-million dollar yacht construction to high end furniture manufacturing.

Along with the attributes listed above, Burmese Teak also contains more natural oils than other woods, which allows it to be rejuvenated to its original color and beauty from a weathered condition.

Unlike softer species of cedar, true teak is a much harder timber which makes it much more difficult to mill and shape for use in hot tubs, but teak hot tub owners will tell you that the beautiful luster is worth the extra time, effort and price.

The demand for Teak far outweighs the supply and the price for Teak Tubs is a direct reflection of the limited supply and the additional workmanship that goes into crafting our Teak Tubs.

Each Teak tub is individually crafted using nothing but the finest, perfectly clear, no knots, top quality teak available.  Our teak tubs all have a net finished thickness of 1-1/4″, which is thicker than the majority of other teak tubs on the market.

Our hot tubs come unassembled, but we pack and ship our tubs in a strategic “knocked down” fashion to allow for easy shipping and easy installation.  They can be installed in just about any location by following the complete step by step installation guide, assembly instructions and the plumbing schematic that comes with all of our hot tubs.

The guide is totally comprehensive and the instructions make it easy for first-timers, intermediate or advanced DIY’s to install our hot tubs in the proper manner.

Our teak hot tubs are constructed using a tongue and groove method and are frequently conical in shape.

The conical design allows for a more comfortable sitting position, but we make both conical and straight sided teak tubs so the choice is yours.

Like all our wooden hot tubs, our teak tubs are held together by 1/2″ steel bands that are roll threaded at each end. They come with a cast iron coupler, two stainless steel nuts and a unique polyethylene sheathing which protects the band from rusting or gouging the beauty of the teak timber.

Conical shaped teak hot tubs are a bit unique in that the staves, or side boards, are notched to prevent the bands from sliding downwards.

The teak tub bench is made from the same thickness of teak wood as the rest of the hot tub and consists of 8 separate sections to make a full circle of seating.

The bench sections are supported by 2 x 4’s which are attached to the sides of the tub.
Our full circle bench is designed so that no part of the bench touches the floor, thereby allowing you, your legs and your feet complete unobstructed freedom underneath.

Less than “full circle” benches can be installed for those wishing to have both sitting and standing areas.

Benches come in variety of sizes and can be installed at split levels to accommodate people of different heights. All of our benches come complete with stainless steel screws and hardware for fastening benches to the tub.

Our teak hot tubs are available individually, with or without benches, and as complete “ready to soak” systems.   You can also customize your own system with our wide selection of upgrades and options.

We offer a wide variety of sizes and prices and we also accept custom and special orders for just about any shape or size hot tub that you can imagine.

Round Teak Hot Tub Sizes, please call or email us for a consultation.

Round Teak Complete System Sizes, please call or email for prices.

Oval Teak Complete Hot Tub System Sizes, please call or email us for prices.

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